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  In 2006, Constance Wu launched her movie career. She played Jenn in Stephanie Daley. Her second movie was The Architect starring Anthony LaPaglia [...]
      Great music comes in many forms. Rap, pop, rock, country and jazz are just the tip of the iceberg. Great music is like [...]
One minute you’re famous. The next fourteen minutes you’re infamous. You never know when your time is up as a celebrity. So enjoy your fifteen minut [...]
2019 Grammys Countdown BY: GURU JAY Who is the best new artist? What is the song of the year? Who will win the album of the year? A day fr [...]
BY: GURU JAY Why Jason Statham Is a Top 5 Action Movie Star I’ll prove to you why Jason Statham is a top 5 action movie star in this artic [...]
BY: GURU JAY In 2007, I watched the IMAX version of Spider-Man 3 starring Tobey Maguire in theaters. It was one of the best superhero mov [...]
BY: GURU JAY Gina Rodriguez will star in the upcoming Miss Bala movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the film, and possibly doing a movie r [...]
BY: GURU JAY How Awkwafina Became a Brand Name How do you describe Awkwafina to your parents? She is not a brand of water, but she is a ma [...]
BY: GURU JAY Is Liam Neeson a Top 10 Actor? What do you feel are the best Liam Neeson movies? If you had to choose just one, would you choo [...]
BY: GURU JAY 2019 Oscars Predictions The Oscars are upon us. The 2019 nominees are in. And there isn’t a host for the show. But I expect a [...]
BY: GURU JAY How do I rank the best Samuel L. Jackson movies? Do we solely look at the numbers? Or do we look at something more intangible su [...]
BY: GURU JAY The Upside Movie Review I decided to write a movie review on The Upside because it contains an important message.We must come [...]
BY: GURU JAY The wait is over. The red carpet is finally rolled out. And the show is on. The 2019 Golden Globe Awards hosted by Andy Samb [...]
BY: GURU JAY Friends from College Is the Perfect Netflix Original Comedy Binge Friends from College season 1 starring Keegan-Michael Key [...]
BY: GURU JAY From Barbara Streisand to Christina Aguilera, a star was born in New York City, New York. New York City celebrities like Lady Ga [...]
BY: GURU JAY Are the music and movies of the 1960s and 1970s better than today’s music and movies? In other words, is your entertainment bette [...]
BY: GURU JAY Why Jason Momoa Is the Right Aquaman Jason Momoa plays Aquaman in the upcoming DC comic book-based movie. Do you plan on goi [...]
BY: GURU JAY Why Avengers Is the Ultimate Brand Last summer Avengers: Infinity War was released in theaters. I was lucky to watch the bl [...]
BY: GURU JAY Why You Should Watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Have you seen Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? After much deliberat [...]
BY: GURU JAY Migos Vs. Wu Tang Clan Let’s discuss new school vs. old school. Migos Vs. Wu Tang Clan is an interesting comparison. The Mig [...]
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